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Revolutionary Architectural Adhesive Films to transform any space


Create, renovate or transform your walls and furniture with Cover Styl' South Africa Architectural Adhesive films

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Thanks to our thermoformable Architectural adhesive films, you can wrap almost any surface, like MDF, wood, aluminium and PVC.

Think Hotel room renovations, shop fitting, kitchens and so much more. Spoilt for choice with over 580 films in 7 categories, we have a solution for almost any application. For designers this is a dream come true. Refurbish rather than replace.

Cover styl' south africa benefits

With our adhesive film solution you will get a number of benefits

Our Adhesive Films are easy to apply and install. There is no mess and no noise. 

Cover Styl’ comes with a 10 year warranty on cracking, yellowing, delamination or changes in appearance. We offer a 5 year warranty on installation depending on the surface. Cover Styl’ is an interior product and there is no warranty if applied outdoors. We offer high performance solutions to give you maximum possible benefits from technical and economical points of view.

Certifications are important to us: it indicates that we meet a certain standard of competence. Cover Styl’ is certified in at least 10 standards: water tested, fire tested, anti-bacterial tested, abrasion tested, stain tested, conform within the maritime regulations in safety, security, and protection, CE marketing certified, Reach certified, conform with indoor air quality and conform within regulations in safety and protection.

Water & humidity resistant

This makes our films perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Low cost

Refurbish at a fraction of the price of replacing, with little disruption.

Easy to clean

Cover Styl’ is super easy to clean with normal household detergents and has passed rigorous anti-bacterial and dangerous substance tests in the EU and passed with flying colours.


The unique thermoformable properties of our films allow the material to be stretched around complex curves.


Cover almost any surface and upgrade any space

Easily renovate any room in your home. Our Adhesive Films can be applied to walls, cupboards, tiles and furniture and so much more.

Do you want to revamp your office space without any major down time or noise? The Cover Styl' is the solution you need.

Easily revamp any retail space to match the season. Simply wrap existing structure and furniture with our wide range of films. 

The speed at which a hotel room can be wrapped with Cover Styl’ is unrivalled in this space. A 151 room hotel was renovated in Morningside in 3 months whilst the hotel was operational with almost no disruption to guests. The renovation was done at a fraction of the cost of a traditional renovation, with very little downtime. It took just 2 days to renovate 1 room.

Renovate rather than replace, we have found that with the tough economic climate more restaurant chains have opted to wrap existing furniture and infrastructure instead of stripping and installing new shopfitting. The store refresh can be completed faster with very little mess and a huge cost saving.

Image of Cover Styl' South Africa architectural adhesive films
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Our Collections

We have over 580 different Adhesive Films and 7 categories to choose from.

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new films added yearly


Unlimited possibilities


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