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Our Collections

Get to know our collections. Spoilt for choice with over 558 films in 7 categories, we have a solution for almost any application.

Adhesive films


Elevate your spaces with the timeless appeal of wood. Our Wood Collection adhesive films effortlessly blend the beauty of nature with the convenience of modern design. Whether you're aiming for a rustic retreat or a contemporary haven, our diverse range of wood-inspired films offers a transformative touch without the need for extensive renovations.

Explore our sub-categories, including Light Wood, Medium Wood, Dark Wood, Painted Wood, and Cork, to find the perfect match for your design aspirations.

Image showcasing our wood collection
Image showing our Solid Colour Collection
Adhesive films


Desiring a vivid makeover without the extensive revamp? Our Colour Collection adhesive films have got you covered. Whether it's a wall that needs a burst of colour, a piece of furniture awaiting personalisation, or a standout feature like a door or chair, our coloured vinyl offers endless possibilities for customised décor. Every shade brings its own unique mood, from vibrant 'pop' colours to understated tones.

Adhesive films


Embrace the ageless allure with our Stone Collection adhesive films. Infusing every renovation with a touch of sophistication, our super-realistic graining designs transport you to realms of luxury. Whether you opt for subtle accents or a complete transformation, our collection ensures a lavish upgrade. Dive into our diverse sub-categories, including Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, and Volcanic, to find the perfect texture and tone that elevates your space.

Images showcasing our marble collection
Adhesive films


Step into the urban chic of a 'New-York apartment' aesthetic with our Concrete Collection. From the iconic charm of grey stone to the contemporary sheen of polished concrete, we've got your trendy decorative desires covered. Whether you're transforming floors or accentuating walls, choose from a diverse of options to breathe life into your spaces. The 'natural stone' appeal, with its subtle imperfections, ensures your renovation projects stand out with a modern yet enduring flair.

Adhesive films


Unveil the world of industrial chic with our Steel Collection. From the timeless patina of Rust to the refined gleam of Brushed, and the ethereal glow of Aurora, our steel range is a celebration of texture and tone. If you're inclined towards the raw beauty of industrial design, this collection is your muse. And for those who desire a modern twist, elevate your interiors by gracing wardrobes and chair legs with our exquisite metallic finishes. Delve into our signature sub-categories: Aurora, Brushed, and Rust, and transform your spaces into masterpieces of design.

Image showcasing our our metallic collection
Adhesive films


Step into a world of intricate materials and vibrant colours with our Textile Collection. Whether you're drawn to the timeless sophistication of Leather or the authentic touch of our Natural fabric films, our range promises a blend of modernity with an unstructured flair. Let the captivating textures of our diverse models mesmerize and evoke emotions, be it in a bedroom or a dining room. Explore our distinct sub-categories: Leather and Natural, and curate spaces that echo your unique and refined style.

Adhesive films


Unleash a cascade of sparkle with our Glitter Collection. Drawing inspiration from the disco's glittering allure, this range is your ticket to interiors that radiate with unique glam and gloss. Regardless of colour choices, with the perfect lighting, every room transforms into a luminous spectacle. Envision lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, retail spaces, or restaurants bathed in the mesmerising charm of our Glitter finishes.