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Warranty: 2 years

Length: 50m

Application temperature: From 12°C to 38°C

Width: 122 cm

Storage from 15°C to 30°C: 1 year

Surface finish: Various patterns, depending on reference

Tensile strength: 60 N/10mm (length, KST 1028 : 2009) 35 N/10mm (width, KST 1028 : 2009)

Elongation: 220% (length, KST 1028 : 2009) 110% (width, KST 1028 : 2009)

Thickness:  200 µm

Service temperature: -15℃ to 70℃

Dimensional stability:max. 2mm shrinkage (70℃ x 48hr)

Release paper: Single PE coated paper 120g

Roll size:  1220mm X 50m or 1220mm X 30m (glittered references)

Adhesive: Clear Permanent /Acrylic

Adhesive strength: 8.0N/10mm (KST 1028 : 2009)

Shelf life: Install the product within 1 year of reception.
Storage: Store in original packaging at a temperature of 15℃ to 30℃ and humidity range of 45% to 60%, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

The technical information and statements made by Cover Styl are based on tests, the accuracy is not guaranteed. The seller and manufacturer are only liable for the identified and proven defective quantities. All material should be tested by the purchaser to determine final suitability.

Dry for at least 2 days after printing it prior to application.
Avoid any factor like dust, dirty, humid etc., from the application surface & affecting its quality.
Test the vinyl before actual application to obtain a guaranteed level of quality.
Use primer adhesive before installation.

Non-contractual visuals and data, Cover Styl’ reserves the right to change the composition of its films at any time. The rendition of the colours and finishes on the computer may vary according to the screen and not give a true representation of the true appearance. We therefore recommend you order a sample on line or contact us so that we can examine the finish that best adapts to your requirements. Due to the slight differences in colour in production runs, we advise you to purchase the amount you require in one go to avoid any difference in appearance in the execution of your Cover Styl’ project.